Learn Some Facts About SEO for your Website

Learn Some Facts About SEO for your WebsiteSearch Engine Optimization is the process to get your website ranked higher in all major search engines. All the business currently uses blog or website for their respective business. Searching trend was limited with computers online for quite some time but since introduction of more gadgets to perform computer tasks, people perform more mobile or tablet search more so it is becoming extremely important that your website should show up in the search results. If you are lacking SEO knowledge then your competitors are benefiting and getting your business. Your loss is your competitors gain.


Mastering SEO is not difficult. There are three things to remember: Keywords, sitemap and content.


It is crucial to have the right keywords and to optimize them for the search engines — this is the foundation of SEO because all search engines use keywords on which to base their searches.

You will, therefore, want to find out what people are searching for, which keywords describe your website the best and which keywords your competitors are using. Google’s Keyword tool is ideal tool for your keyword searches. After ensuring your keyword is relevant to your website, you need to look at the monthly number of searches for your keyword. This will give you an indication of how many potential visitors there are.

Make sure you have five to 10 keywords optimized. More than that will hurt your website’s ranking. Also, your keywords need to be found in a few places of your website: headings, page titles and in the content, specifically the first paragraph. It would be great if your keyword is part of your domain name as well. This will help your rankings even further.

Most people equate SEO with Google because of Google’s monopoly as a search engine. Google also has totally unique features like PageRank and Google Sitemap. Google Sitemap is an important tool to use because it makes it easier for Google to crawl your website when it’s looking for fresh content. Your visitors shouldn’t be able to see the sitemap — it is an xml file only for search engine robots. When search engines find this file, they can do a more complete indexing of your site than without it.

A sitemap not only make a complete index your website, it tells the search engines how often your site is updated so they know how often to crawl it. This ensures your new changes will show up in the search engines sooner.

Google uses the sitemap you put on your website to learn about its structure and to be able to present searchers with fresh content. Adding a sitemap will help Google find, index and rank your blog or website.


Good content on your website is everything. The reason for this is not only information your prospects are looking for, but the quality of prospects Google will send your way. This is why you need to make sure your content is informative, useful and engaging to keep visitors coming back for more.

Your content should be:

• Search friendly — keywords optimized, and sitemap in place.
• Easy to understand and to-the-point, otherwise your audience won’t hang around.
• Informative — this is why people are using the Internet; to get information so they can make a decision.
• Engaging — prospects should feel welcome and able to interact with you.
• Friendly with simple content — so people can better relate to it.

Without good content on your website, you are not going to succeed.

If you get these three basic steps right, you will establish a good foundation for your website’s visibility in the search engines.


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