Top Online Tools for Marketing

As business moves further into the cloud, the amount of services and applications available online is increasing. This is good news for anyone making use of online marketing.

The following are some of the best tools for online marketers:

Online surveys. There’s no better way of getting an instantaneous “snapshot” of customer feedback and, thanks to some well-established companies opening free online survey services among other aids, there’s no reason not to stay fully appraised of your customer base’s feelings about the services and products you offer.

Spreadsheet software. Whether you fork out for Microsoft Excel or opt for the free Open Office version, a spreadsheet application is one of the online marketer’s biggest allies, allowing him/her to create and analyze reports, as well as compose AdWords, keywords and an entire campaign. For sheer functionality, you cannot beat a spreadsheet.

Analytics Tools. The most famous of these is Google Analytics, but there are others out there that perform the same task. Analytics gives you ways to track and quantify the sales and conversion rates of visitors to your site as well as offering further useful marketing insights. Marketers use these applications to formulate and improve their marketing strategy.

Keyword Creation Tools. Again, the mighty Google Keyword is the most popular version, but there are others too. With these tools, marketers simply enter a keyword or key phrase, which is then used to generate many more words or queries which can form part of an effective marketing drive. Fast and efficient keyword creation really takes the slog out of online marketing.

AdWords Editors.
These free applications, of which Bing Ads Editor is perhaps the best known, speedily come up with all you need for search, display and remarketing campaigns. They also have the ability to edit and improve existing campaigns and are especially good for making bulk changes or improvements.

Google Ad Preview Tool. This is highly useful for marketers because it allows them to search for ads on Google’s results page without making any visitor impressions. As a result it enables them to check out the status of and possibilities for their own campaigns without skewing the statistics and muddying the water.

Traffic Estimator Tools. These tools are great for estimating both the effectiveness and the cost of a search and display campaign, giving accurate predictions of both search traffic and cost. You can fine-tune the estimates for specific keywords, budgets, locations, match types and more.

Google Contextual Tool. Google once again! This time it’s helping marketers to compile their ad groups and keyword lists for display campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Web Developer Tools. Free tools such as Firebug help marketers to test clients’ conversion and re-marketing codes, allowing them to monitor how they function on various sites and to troubleshoot any problems with coding.

Media Planning Tools. These tools, such as Google Ad Planner, give marketers the help they need to reveal where the best place is for their campaigns, drawing up lists of placements and publishers to target. In effect, this tool gives structure to a media plan.

For more information on these great tools, visit popular blogs and websites dedicated to digital marketing.



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