Importance of Market Research for Successful SEO and Marketing Strategy

SEO and Marketing StrategyFor Maintaining your business reputation and online presence, one must look at SEO and SMO as essential areas of online marketing and without these, you are finding corner in circle. One must understand the perfect way of marketing, to gain anything from their efforts. Underestimating the importance of SEO for online marketing, you are nearly forgetting the core market. Market Research will help you understand your market audience and with SEO, you can easily achieve your successful targets.

With SEO, you can increase your brand presence and maintain your business reputation among your target audience, buyers, and sellers and among all other concern related businesses. Advertising is a way to push a product in a way to convince someone to buy it.

Because of this, they create a lasting impact through all the forms in which they are manifested. In many ways, the different tactics around marketing overlap with those of SEO and sometimes, are the same, applying to both campaigns.

An Overview of Marketing and SEO Strategy

In the case of both marketing and SEO, your main aim is to create a lasting impression around your brand in the minds of your consumers. While this is the same thing you’re aiming for in advertising, the method by which you do it with the first two is more subtle and expansive at the same time.

SEO is, in essence, a form of marketing and marketing itself is the creation of a strong image around you brand, or more pointedly, the creation of an entire concept and conversation around it. What you want to do with both strategies is create content, videos, images and general concepts that generate interest, are shared socially and catch the notice of people in a way that leads them to keep these creations in mind. This is much more complex than simple advertising tactics and it requires a lot more long-term effort.

Now that we’ve defined these textured concepts, let’s delve into the ingredient that will make them most effectively possible: market research.

Market Research for your Marketing, SEO and Brand Impression

To create vital interest like that described above in your potential customers and fans, you first need to know as much as possible what it is they’re really interested in; what plays to their emotions and needs.

Doing this is tricky and you’ll almost never nail it down perfectly but, through strategic and very careful market research, you’ll come fairly close — as close as possible when trying to push the buttons of thousands of strangers.

This is exactly why market research is so vital to effective marketing/SEO.

Knowing Your Niche

As a starting strategy, get to know your niche intimately. This means taking an active role within your research and adapting as you go to create your marketing image. Participate in online conversations with those that constitute your target audience, read what they have to say in any place where they’re saying it be it online forums, social media pages or blog comment posts. Through these things, get a feel for what you yourself can start saying and promoting for best results in feeding their curiosity and meeting their information needs.

Once you’ve done that, you can start creating your own content and your own conversations that attract interest in a way that your niche audience will listen to and feel satisfied by.

Feedback and Interaction

It doesn’t end there, however. Having started your own conversations — through content, blog posts, essays, articles, videos and service or product offers — you need to keep listening, because the process of knowing your targets is never ending. Thus, as you create materials that make people pay attention, start talking and start sharing; listen to their continuing opinions, questions and criticisms. Address them, answer them and, in doing so, build a steadily growing trust that leads to the creation of loyal fans who want to work with you and recognize, instinctively, as good and useful the brand behind all your content and information.

If these fans do this, they will really start spreading the word on your behalf, in essence creating “buzz” around your brand and the products or services behind it. This in turn will cause more connections to grow to other, newer followers and interest to start flowing in from other websites.

The optimization impact of these things is absolutely vital, especially today, with the more organic human-interested ranking metrics the major search engines pay attention to.

Additional Practical Strategies

While the overall strategy of creating interest through constant immersive interaction with your target audience is your single best weapon to long-term fan building, there are also more classical market research tools that you need to take advantage of to help things along.

For one, keyword research tools are some of your best friends and will give you an enormous amount of valuable information about the basic search habits of your niche audience, in turn leading you to starting points of content and conversation that you can begin with. These will show themselves in the form of all the keyword and phrase combinations your viewers are searching for.

Some excellent tools include the Google Adwords Keyword tool, which is free to use for the most part and also includes a monthly membership fee based on the tools you use at

One final consideration: because sales are what we’re really ultimately focusing on here, keep in mind just how willing your audience is to spend money. While it is possible to create a product for almost any niche imaginable, it’s a lot easier for some niches than for others.

In particular, focus on finding practical, effective solutions to the pressing problems of your audience, using everything described above, particularly the art of immersive engagement to build trust and learn what kinds of problems you can solve or offer solutions to.


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