Important Facts! One should know before Website Design

Important facts! One should know before website designThere are many techniques for website design, but one must keep the blow important facet of web design. Hiring a competent website designer is not the end task of website designing. For effective presentation of your website, things need to be done in specific ways. Complete planning is as important as website design itself. Planning helps you in saving cost & time.


Here are some important facts you need to know before kick off your web design:

Market Analysis

Analysing certain components like target market, niche, site evaluation and tracking methods would give you the direction for building your website, thus helping to make it a grand success and little mistakes.

Purpose of Creating

What is the purpose of creating the website? Is it for trading? Is it for auctioning? Know your purpose before you decide on designing.

Targeting the Right Audience

It is essential to keep in mind that aiming for the correct set of audience would help you to save time while designing and also bring in the right kind of visitors to your site. Include elements in the design such that it attracts your audience.

Select a Good Theme

Opt for a good theme, as it must reach the right audience uninterruptedly. It conveys that your company would provide good support in meeting users’ needs.

Calculation of Costs

Calculate the cost of designing and also the benefits of an efficient design. It should not end up costing a fortune or an amount which you will not be able to recover easily.

Time is Precious

Recognize the time factor for building and designing the site. Set a time limit for completing the work to launch it in the earliest time possible on the World Wide Web.

Attractive Domain Name

Be careful and contemplate on a good domain name, as this cannot be changed easily and people must remember it easily.

Find a Good Web Designer

The success of a site also depends on the designer, who designs your website. Do a little research, to find the best expert, who has good experience and extra capabilities to make your website attractive.

Usage of Appropriate Keywords

Usage of keywords, whether in content or meta-tags, plays an equal role. Usage of proper keywords helps in retaining visitors.

Tips for Designing the Website

Your web design should be such that it is search engine friendly. Insertion of relevant images, maps, colors and backgrounds depending on the theme can add value to your website.


Users leave valuable information and data on your site. Providing security is important for protection of such data. Find out what security measures can be incorporated in the design to make the site safe.

Create a Feedback Page

Some space for lodging questions and feedback about your site should be incorporated in the design, which can help you to upgrade your site.


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