Importance of Client Testimonials in Online Business

Client-Testimonials- in Online BusinessClients are best marketers for any business whether it’s online or offline. Client satisfaction and their positive feedback will help any business to grow and they are the ones who will help in getting back to back leads. Normally positive referrals are main source of getting good leads or business and client reviews and testimonials are also very important to maintain good reputation for your business. Being online consultant for quite some time, I can express that any business have often influenced on good client testimonials. This article gives you unique information on your business can get valuable and necessary testimonials and why they are so important for business.

Client testimonials are one of the important tools which appear in search results for major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There should be a separate page on the website for satisfied clients to leave their valuable feedback about your company and services keeping in mind the professional and satisfactory services offered they received from your company.

Effectiveness of Client Testimonials and Reviews

Three essential elements that are necessary for the smooth functioning of a client-firm relation are credibility, security, and believability. Client testimonials and reviews act as a powerful step in establishing all three of the above-mentioned success pillars. Credibility assists a firm in breaking the natural marketing barrier and establishes a sense of trust among the clients, who may consider you as an unfamiliar service provider at first.

Client reviews are kind of a support or a motion of confidence that a third party instills in your prospects through the magic of words. For example, a company repeatedly singing about its own quality would be a bit skeptical for the prospective client. On the otherhand, you have an existing client singing the same song about the service provider, not only the thing will be a satisfactory but more believable too.

Why people believe the client??? Just because he does not have any economic interest or to keep it simple, He doesn’t give a damn about you and your company’s future!

Local Edge and Competitive advantage

It’s a very acknowledgeable fact that in a local market segment, a local vendor has a sharp edge over the large business sharks. Local vendors have the liberty and ability to communicate with the clients directly without any communication channel in between, which is why they are able to satisfy them better. Obtaining realistic reviews through direct interaction will prove to be much effective than traditional surveys.

Testimonials and Advertising

Advertising and Testimonials always go hand-in-hand! Don’t believe me? Then, try finding out an effective weight loss campaign without client testimonials or any great rehabilitation advertisement without client reviews. For gods sake, even mobile phones have client reviews now! My point is that testimonials have the unique ability of overcoming disbelief much effectively than any other traditional marketing tools.

Testimonials can also be included in direct mail piece or even to the sales letter, so as to add credence. Including realistic testimonials is a better way of making things sound more realistic.

Allow the Client to Provide Testimonials Easily

I have included this point in the end to simply remind you of the fact that one should never pull a client out of the comfort zone, just to get a testimonial. Now, this is where your real professionalism lies, which is thinking of a perfect way to make the client deliver a testimonial realistically. Create a centralized local resource section in your website that clients and visitors find easy to locate. This centralized location will have well-trafficked review website wherein a client can easily post testimonials. Clients normally use these websites to review service provider’s work, which is why posting another review will never be a big deal for them.

Did You Ever Know that Client Testimonials are Essential for Search Rankings?

“Effective Client testimonial = Good Market Image + Better Business + Better Search Visibility”

Now, how can one ignore the value of client testimonials, especially after what I mentioned above?

Client testimonials and reviews do have a very favorable effect on the local search engine rankings, which is why major search engines show client reviews in search results too.


Somehow, I have a feeling that after reading the contents mentioned above you might have a different take on the value of client reviews or testimonials. However, if you still don’t care, then think again or the deteriorating image of your brand will force you to change your opinion. Reading what others think of a particular service provider is enough to break a prospect’s doubts and establish an authoritative sense of credibility. On the otherhand, the clients who provide you with the testimonials develop a sense of pride and joy due to the promising association so far, which is the reason they are offering to write their feelings publicly.

Small business enterprises or units have a major advantage in getting client testimonials due to the level of proximity they have with their prospects. However, make sure you satisfy your clients too with your work quality and professionalism. Internet has opened us a gateway to many possibilities, which is why constant research has been my kind of a hobby. Do let me know how you feel about the information mentioned till now and feel free to share the knowledge.


Article By Maneet Puri

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