How To Create Content Like A Major Brand

There is no doubt some of the most recognized well-loved brands in history are also the most successful brands. The biggest reason for this is their strong commitment to advertising and marketing. But, as we transition into relying more on social media and a new era of distribution technologies, some brands are changing how they connect with us. They are calling it liquid content.

Content WritingCreating Your Liquid Content

Let’s first determine that content is the creation of your stories that are to be expressed through every possible connection (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Each story must add value and significance to your customer’s lives. Your content is your “brand conversation” – it is also what will keep your current customers interested and convert new customers. As such, your content must be engaging.

Liquid content can be described as the elements of your brand conversation that circulate freely. The fluidity of ideas means that no one model can do it all. The need for multiple connections is key. Be sure to include ideas/stories from brand fans or your brand ambassadors.

Five principles to adhere to when creating liquid content:

1 – Inspire participation
2 – Connect creative minds
3 – Share
4 – Continued development
5 – Measure results

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Author: Trevor Cherewka

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