PPC Back to Basics II – Create Your Campaign #ppc

You’re a small business ready to advertise on the Yahoo! Bing Network.  You’ve read Simone Schuurer’s PPC Back to Basics Part 1 – Why You Should Care about PPC , The difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC) and even how to create a good account structure and you are ready and eager to put your business out there for the world to see.  Let’s make it happen!

Setting up a campaign only requires a few main steps, and we offer an array of support resources.  Take a peek at the overall process flow below to get your bearings. This post will focus on #1: Create a Campaign.

PPC Back to Basics II - Create Your Campaign

I. Create a Campaign with Bing Ads

1. Sign in/up with Bing Ads

Sign in to Bing Ads.  If you don’t have a Bing Ads account, sign up by filling in a brief, 1/2 page online form.  When complete, you’ll have access to the Bing Ads campaign management tool (previously known as adCenter, now Bing Ads), which advertisers use to create and manage their search advertising campaign, and which we’ll be explaining below.

2. Open the Bing Ads campaign management tool

You can sign into the Bing Ads campaign management tool online once you’ve signed up for an account, or download Bing Ads Editor, the equivalent desktop application.  Once inside, you’ll begin by setting up an account for your ad campaign.  Here is how every account is organized:

PPC ad campaign chart


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Author: Aurea Astro – MSFT

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