Take Twitter Campaigns To The Next Level With SEO Data

You drive amazing amounts of traffic to your sites, grow conversions and engage with thousands of users over social media. Want to take your search and social efforts to the next level? Try forming a Social-SEO super group to exploit synergies, foster collaboration and deliver better results across Social and SEO.

Integrating your online marketing efforts is all about breaking down silos and delivering amazing results for brands and agencies. Social and SEO marketers can be a big part of this.

As marketers, our ultimate aim is to have one marketing super group with PPC, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Social and Display working together seamlessly. Today though, let me focus on how you can leverage SEO data and build your own SEO-Social super group. I will use Twitter as an example to show how the SEO-Social super group works together.

How To Create Your SEO & Social Super Group

How To Create Your SEO & Social Super Group

Step 1 – Think Keywords

Keywords are relevant to your audiences since that is how they search for the topics and themes that interest them. Also, content with these keywords has a greater chance of capturing their attention, interest and mindshare. So, when you ask What matters to my users?, try to picture that in terms of keywords.

SEOs know keywords. They go through the motions of elaborate keyword discovery in their quest for greater rank and conversions for their pages. Tap into this knowledge to identify keywords that matter to your users. If your SEO team tracks a huge number of keywords, especially long-tail ones, just eyeball the list and pick groups of related keywords that are most relevant to users.

The essence of this step is greater than simply identifying keywords – it’s also about adopting a mindset where you think of your audiences’ interests in terms of keywords, the exact words they use to describe their interests.


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Author: Jim Yu

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