Client Server Application

Understanding Client-Server Applications

Client- Server Applications would be the backbone from the efficient e-businesses and help with its smooth functioning by running them having the ability to input, process, store and access data regardless of the main difference over time and geographic location in addition to improvement in the positioning of the device of ease of access.

Hire Client Server Developer for Client Server Programming

We've knowledge of a variety of latest programming languages, platforms along with other tools needed for developing client-server application. Could your company needs and propose result-oriented solutions, developed or upgraded in the existing form into high-finish Client-Server enterprise applications with user-friendly connects.

Selection of Client-Server Application Development:

  • Client server software/desktop Application Development
  • Client server Application Development and integration services
    • .net based Client-Server solutions
    • Database Client-Server solutions
    • Multi Client-Server solution in ERP
  • Client server application migration services
  • Client server application support & maintenance services
  • Client server software testing

Our devoted team of execs also allows us to provide Java programming or Client-Server programming where we are able to serve different type of clients including browsers, e-mail clients, online chat clients etc. Additionally to that particular we offer programming for various type of servers including application servers, database servers, title servers, file servers, print servers, mail servers, FTP servers, and terminal servers.

Client/Server Computing Services

We're an finish-to-finish Client-Server computing service provider and our expertise enables us to build up fast, stable and versatile Client-Server applications. We generally use devoted database and special client software packages in developing special client/server computing services.

Following would be the three key qualities of client-server computing

  • Division at work- Client-server systems divide in the work of computing among many separate machines.
  • Network infrastructure- Due to this division at work, client-server systems derive from systems to bond and interact.
  • Focus on the consumer- This model provides customers with greater latitude in selecting software presentation, and software designers with greater latitude in creating programs which are readily easy to customize.

Using structured methods and proven IT processes reduces complexity, risks and charges connected with client-server development.

Technologies & Architecture

We use latest technologies and architecture as well as in various industries -

  • Home windows DNA / . net development
  • Win32 API (incl. spend API)
  • TCP/IP, sockets
  • COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE
  • DirectX, OpenGL
  • MTS
  • Unix API (incl sockets and stream API)
  • MSMQ
  • Embedded SQL
  • WAP
  • VB. net
  • WEB SERVER (Apache, IIS, JWS, Jakarta-Tomcat, JBoss Web logic, IPlanet, WebSphere, BizTalk)
  • DATABASE (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, FoxPro, MS Access and DevBase)
  • JSP, PHP, Perl, ASP, .NET , Java Script, VB-Script, Shell scripts, CSS