Custom Web Development

The Tech Guys is leading Custom Web Application Development Company in USA, which develops website according to customer needs. We focus positioned on Custom Website Development, Offshore Web Development and whole selection of customized web solution. We has quite sufficient outsourcing experience and understanding to maximise the potential for your site by bringing in new web customers furthermore by providing our huge experience we are certain to delight your anticipated online audience.

Underneath the Custom web application development service we're dedicated to provide custom website development that may instantly build credibility through potential clients and hang you aside from your rivals. Having enchanting online presence is important, as future clients all corners around the world need to know what your organization offers.

In Custom development the web site, application or software is developed on your own. For Custom development, our technical team in knowledge of various platforms.

We uses following technologies for custom development

PHP Development

PHP means Hyper Text Pre-processor or many recognize it as being Personal Home Page. PHP is definitely an open source and employed for custom development services. TheTechGuys Technologies are proving itself to be an expert PHP development company. Our web development services are proficiency in exploring PHP application based on client’s requirement. There's an entire team devoted for PHP web development services. Our PHP Web Development Services are result driven and price-effective.PHP is our certainly one of core focus position for web development services.

ASP. Net Development

ASP. Net is really a Microsoft Frame work. It allows programmer to build up dynamic web applications, websites and web services. ASP means active server pages. ASP. Net uses CLR (Common Language Runtime).CLR enables programmer to create ASP. Net code in various supported . Net languages. TheTechGuys Technology have separate devoted team for ASP. Net Development. Our ASP. Net web developers are highly knowledge of Microsoft. Net Platform.

Ajax Development

AJAX means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax isn't a new programming or scripting language however it uses mixture of different existing languages for example JavaScript, XML, CSS and Document Object Model. With the aid of AJAX part of web page update asynchronously with no reload of web page. In Ajax the exchange procedure for data using the server is hidden from customers. TheTechGuys Technology, web development team is experienced in AJAX driven Web Programs. We use AJAX in every web development services, whether it requires.

Yahoo Store Development

Yahoo store is premium service supplied by Yahoo for e-commerce and e-companies solutions. Yahoo store may be the easiest method to represent your items online. Yahoo store is reasonable e-commerce platform for any kind of e-companies. It gives contact with huge quantity of user because of its brand. Yahoo stores are coded in RTML language. RTML language is just employed for Yahoo stores development. TheTechGuys Technologies are focus on Yahoo Store Solutions.

Flash and Flex Development

Flash can be used for supplying animation features to website, web application and web services.TheTechGuys Technology focus on Flash Development.

Flex is free of charge, open source framework or perhaps a developer package for developing significant mobile, web, and desktop programs. Flex enables you to definitely develop programs that share a typical code base for desktop, web or mobile. Our Developers team is competent in languages (ActionScript 3, MXML, and CSS languages) which are needed for Flex Application Development.

Mobile Applications Development

With rapid utilization of Mobile Technology on the globe the Mobile Apps Development demand keeps growing .Therefore the majority of the IT Company really wants to establish them in era of Mobile Applications. Mobile application solutions help organizations to talk with their clients through custom mobile products. TheTechGuys Technologies are proving itself to be a Mobile Applications Development Company. We've separate devoted team of Mobile Apps Development.

We're Knowledge of some of above technology for custom web development services. We decide we've got the technology based on client’s requirement. With Custom Web Development, we can handle developing any achievable web application, website and Software.

Our Custom Application Development process includes following process:

  • Analysis of the business requirement(Understand the goal of Client)
  • Designing (Deals with User Interface)
  • Programming(Handles Functionality)
  • Testing/validation(For Quality Assurance)
  • Client support (Provides Material for Client to understand flow of project)
  • Progressive Development and maintenance (If Needed)