Privacy Policy

At the Tech Guys, we are very much aware and serious about protecting the privacy of the visitors of our website. We do not have any objection to visitors visiting our website without providing any personal information; however in some cases we may request you to submit your personal information. By submitting your details on our website, you will be agreeing to our use of that information stated below.

Below Privacy statement has been created to illustrate The Tech Guy’s commitment to Privacy:

1. There is no compulsion in visiting our website for any of our service without providing your personal information.

2. We are committed to protect your information from companies, individuals or any illegal usages. We use this provided contact information to send you information about our company and to provide you solution or services.

3. You information will never be sold, exchanged or transferred to other companies or individuals without your consent.

4. Your domain information may be collected as part our analysis process to help us on more visibility, performance and quality.